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Cinevate was recently a proud sponsor of the Digi60 Film Festival in Ottawa. It was a bit of a unique sponsorship scenario for us because we loaned the festival an Atlas 10 camera slider several months ago for all the filmmakers to use during production of their film. Since 2004, Digi60 challenges Ottawa filmmakers to write, shoot, and edit a film in 60 days. The catch (of course there’s a catch) for this year’s festival was for all filmmakers to “include a passionate kiss that affects your character”. The ‘catch’ was released back on September 24th and from then on the filmmakers had 60 days to complete all stages of production, delivering the final video on November 23rd. Just recently, on December 3rd, 2011, the Gala screenings took place at the Centrepointe Studio Theatre and the Best Short Film was premiered. We’re happy to share Jeremy Kennedy’s winning entry, Moments;

*Update – April 25th, 2012 – Some good news from Jeremy and the Digi60 film fest – the winning entry Moments has been nominated for CBC’s Short Film Faceoff festival with winners announced in June. The only downside is that they’ve since had to remove the video from online for consideration. We’ll update when we hear results and when the video resurfaces online for sharing.

Mike Horrigan, who wrote the film, had nothing but praise for Director Jeremy Kennedy and how well he executed their collective vision;

“After a nervous pitch I was thrilled that Jeremy Kennedy decided to run with it. One thing I wanted to be clear about was how the story was running in reverse. Starting with the ending and moving back in time towards the beginning. I suggested we needed a camera move that said just that to the audience. Every new scene needed to go back somehow. Jeremy knew exactly what I meant and ran with it. Karim Ayari (DP) executed the lighting perfectly. The visual movement was smooth and almost melodic in its pacing thanks to Jeremy’s direction and use of slow motion. Jeremy designed slow motion shots that were beautiful and perfectly framed, only to be brought back into real time with a more gritty hand held documentary style. He felt it needed to feel like we were peeking in on someones life.”

Best Short Film winner Jeremy Kennedy captures a shot with the RED on our Atlas 10 Camera Slider

Best Short Film winner Jeremy Kennedy captures a shot with the RED on our Atlas 10 Camera Slider - Photo courtesy of Derek Price / Say Ten Productions

Congrats to Jeremy Kennedy, Mike Horrigan, everyone who entered (for those who didn’t win, at least you completed a film!) and to Digi60 for another successful festival. Don’t forget to check out the Digi60 Film Festival page for all entries and info for the 2012 festival. Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with next year.

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  1. Kevin Burton says:

    We had some fantastic entries ! Thanks to companies like Cinevate and Parktown Productions (who supplied Jeremy with the RED camera) for helping us to foster the filmmaking community here in Ottawa ! And thanks to Derek Price of Say Ten Productions for the photo used here. See you next year !

    Kevin Burton
    Digi60 Filmmakers Festival

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