Customer Showcase – Art Meets Architecture at 24fps

I recently had the pleasure to meet Clint Regehr at the CineGear LA Expo at the beginning of June. I recognized Clint’s name from various social media venues as well as from our own Customer Showcase. Clint has been sending us photos of his various slider setups ever since he picked up the Atlas 30 slider. The frequency at which he shared these photos recently increased as he added a new piece of gear to his kit – the Dromos Hi Hat (and Bowl Riser).

Sony's NEX-FS100 rides the Dromos Hi Hat and Atlas 30 Camera Slider

A diagonal slider shot made possible with Dromos Hi Hat and Atlas 30 camera slider

Clint’s Customer Showcase submission featured a variety of slick slider moves as well but the most recent video he sent us (which features the San Diego Home and Garden 2012 Home of the Year) has a larger variety of movement, not just limited to horizontal but also diagonal, escalator-like shots. This style of shot would usually be hard to pull off while still having the camera oriented properly with the horizon, but the Dromos Hi Hat and Bowl Riser allows to re-index the 100mm bowl, and thus the camera.

Dromos is defintely in ‘Bowl Riser’ mode in Clint’s application, but if you’d like some clarification on the Hi Hat function, check out Vincent Laforet’s blog post. Dromos is also part of our June Specials (which end this week, on June 30th, 2012). There’s still time to grab Dromos and receive a free Hi Hat Board for optimal Hi Hat operation.

FS100 on the move with Dromos Hi Hat and Atlas 30 camera slider

Thanks to Clint for continuing to share not only the videos he creates but also some stellar behind-the-scenes photos of the gear in use. You can check out more of Clint’s work via his CERVideo page. And like the title suggests, this is a Customer Showcase, so feel free to submit your work, be it video or stills, or both, to

Sony NEX-FS100 + Dromos Hi Hat + Atlas 30 Camera Slider


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One Response to Customer Showcase – Art Meets Architecture at 24fps

  1. Clint says:

    Luke, thanks for the kind words.

    Again, great meeting you in person at CineGear in LA.

    The Dromos Hi-Hat really gives extra capabilities I didn’t have before.