Customer Showcase #9

I’ll be the first to admit that a large portion of Cinevate’s line-up was designed with use for video in mind. It’s because of this that I sometimes forget that a lot of our gear is super effective for use in photography as well. Such is the case (or was, but I’ll get to that) of this week’s featured shooter, Hariharan Swaminathan. Hariharan has been using our Cyclops Viewfinder for his photography for various projects. He submitted some photos a while ago and I had intended to share just those photos for the showcase but as luck would have it Hariharan ended up shooting a music video which we’re sharing as well.

A stunning portrait by Hariharan

One of Hariharan's Landscape Panoramics

Hariharan provided the two photos above, both of which I found stunning. I grabbed this from the info on Hariharan Swaminathan’s website which showcases even more photography.

Hariharan self-taught and mastered 360* virtual tour photography and introduced new contextual techniques so as to create his own unique stamp of creativity in this highly technical form of photography which opened the doors to many North American commercial and tourism client. His style, though subtle on the shoot itself, is intended to evoke an intense emotionalism with a powerful combination of directorial realism and aggressively graphic signature. The play of light, the details of surroundings, the power of passion and improvisation, he has begun to notice how all these elements have informed his own creativity. Looking at his work now, it is hard to imagine how he could have harnessed it all so symbiotically.

Johnny Cash fans might get a kick out of the music video; a cover of Folsom Prison by Jason James. Hariharan provided a few photos from the shoot as well. You can find the Music video and the BTS pics below. Hariharan mentioned that he shot the majority of the video using the Cyclops which helped to maintain focus throughout. He added, “I shot all of my music video handheld, which is a difficult thing especially since my aperture was often at f1.4. Cyclops helped make sure my focus was crisp every shot!

Hariharan and Jason James on set for the Folsom Prison shoot

Jason James on the set of Folsom Prison music video

Thanks to Hariharan for sharing all his work. Don’t forget you too can be featured in our Customer Showcase by sending in a link to the work you’d like featured. And worth mentioning is that our Cyclops Viewfinder is part of our Fall Specials, where you can save $50 on the viewfinder (and up to $150 on other Cinevate products) – but only until November 30th.

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