Customer Showcase #5

If you’ve been following closely than you may have noticed our Customer Showcase usually comes out on Fridays, so we’re a bit premature this week (but don’t worry, we’ll have something special for ya tomorrow).

Like our inaugural showcase piece, this is a simple product test video a customer did after purchasing an Atlas 10 slider. We love it for a couple of reasons. First, it’s simple but honest. Dave Kalmbach, who shot and edited the piece, wasn’t trying to impress anyone or appease a client, but rather was just playing with his new toy (i.e. Atlas 10). Second, it features some dang cute kids, and anyone who knows Cinevate’s history knows that Dennis Wood started creating lens adapters because he wanted to improve the footage he was taking of his newborn daughter and so the Brevis35, and thus Cinevate, was born.

Dave provided a bit of commentary on the video;
The first day trying out the Atlas 10, I took my wife and two daughters out for a walk to the park near our house.  I had absolutely no experience using a slider and was pleased with the results of my first attempt.  Everything is perfectly smooth and easy to control.  I left all my lenses in the bag and only used the Canon 50mm 1.4.  An hour or so later I threw the footage into Final Cut Pro X and quickly exported the video to Vimeo. All the footage is basically straight out of the camera.

We met Dave at the Henry’s show in Toronto a year ago when he was checking out the latest in DSLRs and was introduced to Cinevate. At the time he and his wife were shooting friends’ weddings and doing portraits, but soon created One Tree Photography and went on to do hybrid photo and video productions.

Don’t forget, you too can be a part of our Customer Showcase! Just send one of your videos (preferably an embeddable url) to!

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One Response to Customer Showcase #5

  1. Dennis Wood says:

    Dave, as Luke mentioned, Cinevate began more or less accidentally with the Brevis35 and my wish to get footage that looked this good with my little girls on video. Needless to say, you had me smiling all the way through. About 3 years from now, when you forget what the little monkeys were like way back then…you’ll have these great moments to look back on. Makes me a bit warm and weepy 🙂