Customer Showcase #4

And we’re back for week 4 of our Customer Showcase. It’s getting harder and harder to choose the videos as more entries roll in, but keep your eyes peeled each week – your video could be next!

This week comes a trailer from a documentary film by Escape Studios, directed and produced by Jay Chaudhry. Jay comes from a television background, producing programming for both local and international networks,  and has recently shifted focus over to wedding and event films. Admittedly a bit newer to the business, Jay’s work has been constantly progressing and gets better and better with each video. Based on the inspiring, true events of Shamsa and Fahad Jafri’s life-changing love story, this latest piece is their most ambitious yet.

The final film will see broadcast in both Canada and the United States, so you know we’ll share more information and specific air dates when available. It’s for these reasons that we can’t divulge exactly what happens in the film, but we guarantee that it has just as many tears as laughs.  Escape Studios leaves us with a single question that hints at the film’s content…

How far would you go to save the life of the one you love?

While you ponder the answer to that go ahead and send us an embeddable link to one of your videos to and you could be featured next!

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8 Responses to Customer Showcase #4

  1. Hariharan Swaminathan says:

    Simply Awesome !! wonderful editing!

  2. Andrew Keane says:

    Superb work, looking forward to seeing this one . What network is it

    • Luke says:

      I’ll ask Jay to chime in with some more info :p

      • Jay says:

        Hey thanks Andrew, for confidentiality reasons we can’t release any names just yet, but if you live in Canada or the US expect to see it on a popular network 🙂 – everyone else worldwide will have access to the online version off our site. Glad you like!

  3. Fahad Jafri says:

    Jay, Wahab, and the entire Escape Studios’ team. This is an amazing piece of work, beautifully edited. If the trailer is this good, I wonder how the full documentary is like.

    Once again, thank you for all your hard work.

  4. Marc says:

    very nice compositions, great editing, anxious to see what this is about. Curious to know which Cinevate tools were used for this production? Thanks

    • Luke says:

      Hey Marc,

      I’m not 100% on the gear used for the trailer, but I know that throughout the production they used the Atlas 10 Camera Slider, the Durus Follow Focus, and our Titan Swing Away Mattebox. Glad you to hear you enjoy! Send your work in 😉