Customer Showcase #3

Three weeks and counting and we’re seeing some truly awesome videos from you guys! Keep the submissions coming – the more you submit the more we can share.

For this week’s Showcase we have a couple of videos submitted  by Rodney Hyduk Jr. who was DP and editor for a pair of PSAs created for the University of Michigan. The messages the videos convey are genuine and certainly worth while but what really caught our attention was how great the videos look. Check out the video, some production notes and BTS images from Rodney below.

“For the PSA for SAPAC there are 6 different scenes, and Atlas was used in one way or another to capture 4 of them. The library scene in a standard tabletop configuration, the grassy scene in an overhead vertical-axis rotation using atlas and 2 C-Stands, the milkshake scene with a vertical slider configuration, and the hands scene with them moving under the camera using Atlas 30 Camera Slider hanging on one end from an archway. I found it funny because in post we were going for a subtle film jitter effect on some of the shots and I found the movement from Atlas 30 to be way too smooth for that aesthetic. (I added some shake to the moves!)”

Some innovative Atlas 30 setups On the left, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen an Atlas 30 supported this way – but really digging it! And the rigging on the right really pays off as an overhead rotating shot starting at 0:09 – can almost guarantee we’ll be seeing more shots like that from an overhead Atlas 30!

The 2nd piece is equal in all regards as it has another great message and equally great look. Expect Respect.

Don’t forget you can send in a clip, a short paragraph about the production and BTS pics to and you could be featured in our next Showcase!

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  1. Hariharan Swaminathan says:

    Great work Rodney!!

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