Customer Showcase #10

One of my favourite posts of the week has been the Customer Showcase, and I’ve been sorely neglecting it as we’ve been largely focused on our 12 Days of Festivus sale for the past couple weeks. Happily, we’re back (and into double digits) with a video from our pal Jawad Mir. Jawad has been sharing his videos with us for a while now and is actually one of the few folk who’ve actually stopped by Cinevate HQ for a visit (if for some reason you ever find yourself in Thunder Bay, Ontario be sure to stop by). Jawad and his company, Film Style Weddings, is a Toronto based event and wedding filmmaker who has been pushing the wedding film genre and more so than ever with his latest film.

Jawad has an extensive and detailed write up on the vimeo description – here’s an excerpt;

Sometimes, Film Style captures a couple’s story by laying it in the actual context of its occurrence. Other times, we lay it out against the backdrop of a fictional setting. This fictional backdrop lends a strange authenticity to a couple’s story. For while the story in and of itself may not be uncommon, its presentation is what defines it, sets it apart. And when presented as a culturally recognized plotline, that story becomes all the more memorable, fun, and ironically–unique. That’s precisely the manner in which we approached Justin and Kajal’s story,  and demonstrative of their mutual love of mafia films.

“When we decided to tell this story, we knew it would be a challenge during the production.  With so many different set ups, indoor and outdoor scenes, we wanted to use the right tools but in a limited way.  Thanks to ‘Cinevate’ and ‘Small HD’ we were able to do that.  We used Cinevate’s Atlas 10, Pegasus, Durus Follow Focus and Cyclops during this film.  Our original plan was to use Pegasus quite a bit for in door scenes and Atlas FLT for outdoor scenes.  However, due to time constraints we ended up using Pegasus a lot less than we had anticipated.  Not because it wasn’t a good enough tool to work with but more so due production hurdles.  We also used Cinevate’s Durus Follow Focus with 15mm rails.  It’s one of the most versatile Follow Focus on the market.  While some may argue that Cinevate’s Cyclops is not a great viewfinder due to it’s size, I would disagree.  For us, it has been a great tool as it allows you to give a full perspective with both of your eyes instead of one.”

Big congratulations and thanks to Jawad Mir for pulling off a unique wedding film, and for not only allowing us to share it but also for providing a complete Behind-the-Scenes video and BTS pictures as well. I think he set the bar pretty high, but don’t forget that you too can be featured in our Customer Showcase, by sending your video (and BTS video/pics if you got ’em) to

Durus Follow Focus and Small HD in action

Jawad watches as the Pegasus Carbon Slider is prepped for an underslung shot

Atlas FLT Camera slider rolls as Director Jawad Mir looks on

Atlas FLT and Small HD together again

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