Cinevate Camera Sliders Powered by DitoGear

Official News Release – August 22nd, 2012

Cinevate™ is an established Canadian company with a long track record of producing some of the industry’s best camera sliders for digital cinema, video and DSLR cinematography.

DitoGear™ has recently teamed up with Cinevate™ to introduce affordable and portable add-on motion control solutions for Cinevate’s family of sliders.

Existing and future Cinevate™ equipment users can benefit from established and intuitive motion control systems developed by DitoGear™ for their existing products, such as OmniSlider, OmniHead and LensDrive. The controllers for Cinevate™ products boast the full feature set as existing and proven DitoGear™ hardware.

DitoGear™ equipment users can now benefit from the lightweight design and portability of Cinevate hardware while using their favourite DitoGear™ motion control solutions known from the OmniSlider, OmniHead and LensDrive product families.

DitoGear™ motion control kits for Cinevate™ sliders will be available as add-ons for existing sliders as well as full bundles including sliders and motion control units.

DitoGear™ motion control kits for Cinevate™ sliders will be available for the following products:

  1. Cinevate™ Atlas FLT
  2. Cinevate™ Atlas 10
  3. Cinevate™ Atlas 30
  4. Cinevate™ Atlas 200
  5. Cinevate™ Pegasus Carbon Slider

The motor kits are compatible with all existing and future DitoGear™ motion controllers, such as:

  1. OmniController
  2. DitoGear™ Trito
  3. DitoGear™ DragonBridge
  4. DitoGear™ Evolution

Launch date, pricing and availability announcement coming soon.

Cinevate Atlas FLT camera slider Powered by DitoGear

Cinevate Atlas 10 camera slider Powered by DitoGear

Cinevate Atlas 10 with Vertical Kit Powered by DitoGear

Cinevate Atlas 30 camera slider Powered by DitoGear

Cinevate Atlas 200 camera slider powered by DitoGear

Cinevate Sliders Powered by DitoGear Motion Controllers

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19 Responses to Cinevate Camera Sliders Powered by DitoGear

  1. David says:

    Looking forward to it. hopefully it wont be overprices and it will be affordable for us small production filmmakers. Even in Kesseler $ range. Cheers

  2. Whaaaa!? Been waiting for a solution like this to come to the family of Cinevate sliders. Looking forward to adding a motion control kit to mine!

  3. rafael says:

    hello, the weight of my camera is 6 kilos, do you have a vertical slider for this ?

    sorry my inglish,


    • Luke says:

      Hey Rafael,

      You bet. The Atlas 10 has a Vertical Kit and Counterbalance option, so you’d need to counterbalance the rig with the appropriate weight (our counterbalance is a hollowed pack so you can fill it accordingly).

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  5. Rob Braden says:

    I’ve been hoping to do better moving timelapses on my Atlas 10 so looking forward to some more info and demo videos on this powered solution. Moving the camera by hand 1/8th of an inch at a time is too tedious so this should be great.

  6. Martyn Lengden says:

    I have an Atlas 10 35″slider and I’m interested in the DitoGear motion controller kit. What is the expected retail cost. Regards

    • Luke says:

      Hey Martyn

      Good question. We should have the final pricing and shipping dates very soon. Thanks for your patience.


  7. Vidimagen says:

    Been waiting for this!!!!! =) Finally!!
    i want to buy 1 of these as soon as possible!!
    keep me informed! please!

  8. Vidimagen says:

    any news about this item ? price ? i want to order 1 of these asap!

  9. Steve Miller says:

    I’m about to purchase the Pegasus slider but wanted to confirm that it can be motorized. I can see it is listed above but just wanted to confirm as otherwise I would be purchasing the Atlas 10 with vertical kit. Thanks!

  10. Ian says:

    Just got the Atlas 10 and loving it, but now I’m looking to motorize it. Any news on this kit’s release and price yet?

  11. Vidimagen says:

    any news ? thanks.

  12. Martyn Lengden says:

    Any news on the DitoGear pricing yet? Cheers

  13. Martyn Lengden says:

    On December 31, 2012 you stated “You can expect an announcement from us tomorrow…”. It’s now January 9. Come on guys you have buyers out there salivating at the opportunity to purchase! This waiting for pricing and availability has been going on since the announcement back in August. It would be interesting to know how many interested people out there have given up and bought into the competition. You produce great products, but this takes the shine off your customer relations.

    • Luke says:

      Hey Martyn,
      We do apologize for the delays. It was not our intention to mislead you or anyone with our previous announcements dates. Although we missed our January 1st announcement I can assure you that we are days away from this product launch. Thank you for your patience and your interest in this product.


    • Cinevate says:

      Hi Martyn, you can now find the information you’re looking for at

      We apologize for the delay and encourage you to contact us with any further feedback or questions at sales at