CineGear LA 2012 Wrap Up

Cine Gear LA 2012The Cine Gear LA expo is often at the top of people’s favorite trade shows. The 2 day event has been held at various major motion picture studios over the years (most recently at the Paramount Studios) and is held, for the majority, outside on the back lot. The show map will direct you to different faux-New York areas, complete with building facades and gutted interiors for film shoots. Just being on the fake streets where countless movies have been shot is a fun experience (our booth was outside of a restaurant where a scene from The Godfather was filmed).

For this show we teamed up with BorrowLenses who provided all of the cameras, lenses and tripods to display with the gear we brought. We had a variety of slick cameras on hand, including the Canon 5D MkIII, Nikon D800, RED Scarlet, Canon C300, and Sony F3. We had some of our newer toys on display, including the FS100 Lens Adapter Rig, Axis Jib and Dromos Hi Hat (a few of which are part of our June Specials).

Matt over at FreshDV was patrolling the show floor as well and just posted the interview we had focusing on the FS100 Lens Adapter Rig and Atlas 30 slider Motion Control. If you want to check out the rest of the CineGear toys be sure to check out their comprehensive coverage.

Canon C300 on the Axis Jib

Canon C300 on Axis Jib at Cine Gear LA

As always, there’s some really slick gear to check out but one in particular that caught my attention was the Atomos Ninja 2 recorder. Our pal Lucas Gilman (we recently did an interview and shared his kayak video) had the Ninja 2 paired with his Nikon D800 at the SanDisk booth. The Ninja 2 is Atomos’ updated field recorder that can record an 8 or 10 bit signal via HDMI out and is also a touch screen monitor. It goes really well with the D800 which of course is capable of out putting such a signal via the HDMI out (unlike the Canon 5D MkII or MkIII). It definitely got me thinking about going back to shooting Nikon…

Nikon D800 with Atomos Ninja 2

Although Cine Gear doesn’t nearly have the amount of stuff to look at as there is at NAB it’s a much different vibe and certainly has different attendees. If you want to check out some high end gear or meet some industry folk on the West Coast it’s a must attend. Maybe we’ll see ya next year.

Sony F3 on Atlas 200 Slider

Canon C300 on Axis Jib

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One Response to CineGear LA 2012 Wrap Up

  1. I have had great luck with the Atomos Ninja-2 on the Nikon D4.

    I set up a Rig with the Atomos Ninja-2 on the Nikon D4.

    From my blog:
    Once set up all I have to do is start Live View (in video mode) and start the Ninja-2 recording. When I cycle the Live View button on the D4, the Ninja-2 starts recording when Live View is on and stops when I shut it off. Each time the Ninja-2 creates a new file for the next take. I turn on the Focus Peaking to ensure perfect focus and it stays on the whole time (does not reset when Live View is cycled). Perfection!

    Check out my rig

    Dan at Vigorotaku