Canon EOS C300 Short Film – Out of Tunes

Canon EOS C300 Short - Out of Tunes

Our friend Sébastien Devaud of Bigsensors & Films recently shared this very interesting short film that he shot for Canon Europe using the Canon EOS C300.

Sébastien had the following to say about the shoot (excerpt from his vimeo post):

Out of Tunes is a modern short tale of our generation. After the great launch of the new Canon EOS C300 at hollywood with the four superproductions, here is the first official european short movie filmed with Cinema EOS System. (Model EOS C300 EF Mount)
A “8″ days production : 2 Nights scripting / 2 days shooting / 2 days editing and 2 days of composition.

Sébastien has promised a behind the scenes clip as a follow up and you can be sure that we’ll update the post and share it with you all as soon as we can.

When Sébastien contacted us about the film, we were honored to find out that he used the the Atlas FLT Camera Slider for the slider shots in this production. Thanks Sébastien!

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  2. Ronald Howard says:

    Well…. that was cool. 8 days and a nice video like this shows that this camera provides a vehicle in which the other 6 days can focus. No pun intended. Just lovely.

  3. Jiri Bakala says:

    Very nice! Great directing, beautiful cinematography.

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  5. Alex says:

    composition dont you mean compositing?

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