Canon C300 Test Film and Impressions from MINDCASTLE

Our pals Casey Warren and Danielle Krieger over at MINDCASTLE productions were lucky enough to get their hands on Canon’s latest camera, the EOS C300. The C300 has been all the rage these days (or the C300 versus the ‘insert-whichever-camera-you-fancy’). For the sake of his comparison, Casey uses the C300 vs Canon 5D Mk II. His evaluation is based on some studio tests (via color charts etc.) stills (including side-by-side comparison shots with the 5D) and, of course, video. The test video, ‘The Ferry’, showcases a number of the camera’s strengths, including sharpness (it’s dang sharp!) as well as the high ISO performance and dynamic range. See for yourself.

You’ll probably find the ISO/noise test and the dynamic range comparisons particularly interesting (between the C300 and the 5D – there’s still detail in the highlights on the C300 whereas the 5D is completely blown out.) You can see Casey’s entire post which covers the aforementioned ISO performance and dynamic range, as well as everything from Shooting LOG, the LCD, and of course his final verdict over at the MINDCASTLE blog.

Casey Warren sets up a shot on the Canon C300

Casey also snapped a few shots of his C300 setup using some of his existing Cinevate parts, making it not unlike our Core Package.

Casey setup the C300 using elements of our Core Package before the shoot

Casey quickly adapted his existing Cinevate parts to create a rig of his own

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