Canon C300 Canada Launch Event

If you have the internet then you already know about Canon’s C300. The camera debuted in Los Angeles back in November where attendees could get their hands on the new Cinema EOS camera. Since then there has been a flood of images and test films popping up to satisfy people’s curiosity. However, it was just this past week that us folks in the North were finally able to try it out for ourselves. Canon Canada’s 3 city launch event took place in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal.

Canon C300 sits on our Atlas 200 Camera Slider

We showed up for the last 2 legs of the trip in Toronto and Montreal along with some Cinevate toys. Finally getting my hands on the camera I can say that everything I’ve read is accurate. The low light/high ISO performance is phenomenal and Canon’s new Cinema Lenses (EF mount) create an image equal to or better than what I’ve seen in the CP.2s. I still look forward to getting some ‘alone time’ with the C300 and doing some shooting and comparing, but until then I feel pretty confident that the camera is the low light king that people are claiming it to be.

Canon's Jean Francois shows their latest toy off to some new friends

C300 on our Rails System and Shoulder Mount with O'Connor Mattebox

Everyone was hands on with Canon's C300

Some folks check out the C300 on Atlas 200

Canon also had their DSLR army on hand, including the new 1D X

Canon had well lit models to help show off their new Cine lenses

Would it be a Canon Event without Vincent Laforet? Vincent showed his film Mobius and held a Q & A

Lastly, some 'Cinevate' company had this prototype on hand...kinda neat ;)

Anyone else make it to a C300 event? What were your thoughts?

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  1. J-F says:

    It was really nice to have Cinevate join us on this tour. Customers had a chance to see and experience how the camera felt all rigged up with your equipment. They had the opportunity to play around with the slider, the shoulder rig and the much anticipated JIB, which quickly became one of the main attraction during our tour i must say.

    Thank you Luke and Cinevate for joining us on the C300 tour.


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