Canon Announces the Canon EOS C300

After more hype than the internet could handle it’s finally here – Canon’s Historic Global Announcement! If you’ve been tapped into the online speculation today then some of the details won’t come as a huge surprise, but are occasionally impressive. As rumored, the camera is the Super-35 sensored ‘EOS C300′.

Canon EOS C300

Specifications are as follows;

-          8.3 megapixel Super 35 CMOS Sensor: 24.4mm x 13.5mm
-          Pixels: 3840 horizontal by 2160 vertical
-          ISO Native 850
-          Up to ISO 20,000
-          1080P – 1-30 fps variable (with 24 True and 23.98)
-          720P – 1-60P fps
-          EF and PL mount models
-          Canon XF Codec (50 mbs)
-          Built in ND
-          HDMI and HDSDI out (SDI at 4:2:2)
-          Dual XLR
-          Dual CF card slots

Looking closely at some of the images (we’ve uploaded them as high res as we could so you can really see what’s going on) it’s clear EOS users will easily transition. The menu dial, though on the side instead of the back, looks identical and I suspect the menu system won’t be a far cry from what we’ve come to know so well. Not far from the dials: ND + and – buttons, along with your standard zebra/peaking/etc.  You’ll find two CF card slots on the back, and you’ll notice an SD card slot on the side for your user settings.Canon EOS C300 Side View (PL Mount)

Canon EOS C300 rear side

Canon EOS C300 Rear

Canon EOS C300 SideB (EF Mount)

Canon EOS C300 Front (EF mount)

You’ll also notice some serious Canon glass on the C300 (the PL mount version anyway), including their Cine zooms announced back in April (14.5-60mm T2.6 and 30-300mm T2.95). These beasts are available in both PL and EF mount. They’re also showcasing some new Canon Primes (24mm, 85mm, and 135mm).

Canon EOS C300 with Handle and LCD

Canon EOS C300 PL Mount

Canon EOS C300 EF mount

So what’s left? Well, pricing for starters. It’s going to be available this January for aboot $16,000 (give or take). Pricing on their new lenses isn’t yet available, but factor in a couple lenses and, well, it ain’t cheap. So what do you do until January? Well, how about checking out the RED announcement surrounding the Scarlet…it should be live any minute now…


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11 Responses to Canon Announces the Canon EOS C300

  1. Ken says:

    For $16K, I would’ve expected at least 2K, preferably 4K. And 60fps at 2K, not 720P. It sounds basically like a 5D with all the cinema controls that the DSLR was lacking… HDSDI, reduced rolling shutter, XLR ins, uncompressed video, etc. I would’ve been a lot more excited by this stuff if it were in the $7K price range…

  2. Hi Ken,

    I just posted something about this camera and why this is NOT a replacement for the 5DMII, but a highly specialized tool for professional filmmakers. Here’s the link if you are interested.

  3. Craig says:

    Who knows what Canon was thinking. Canon blew it. RED crushed it and blew off Canon’s doors tonight.

    I agree with Ken, the Canon needs higher rez for the price.

    I’m very unimpressed with the Canon feature set.

  4. Jay says:

    I would have to agree with most everyone else. I haven’t really been to pleased with Canon products for quite some time. They have a tendency to hike the prices and offer less. I will stick to my Nikon dslr’s (I think their color and clarity is so much sharper and more lively) and my Sony HVR-270u camera..

    Sorry Canon, until you make a solid system, and at a decent price I have left the canon camp.

  5. Great post, as usual, just that the Canon Primes are EF mount, not PL. Will be great to see your rigging solutions for the RedScarlet.

  6. rube says:

    The price is still to high. The Panasonic 100 offers much in the same for under 5,000.
    Yea yea its 4/3rds. Still for the price buy a couple and some prime lenses as well.

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  8. SLR Digital Camera says:

    I truly want a digital slr camera, but I don’t want to spend a too much, I’ve been looking at old ones, and refurbished but they’re all so expensive! I’ve been mostly focusing on getting a canon EOS rebel xs. Is that a good digital camera? I now have a canon regular digital camera and I am fond of it.

  9. zav says:

    It’s “about”, not “aboot”.

    • Luke says:

      Hey Zav,
      I realize I should adhere to certain standards in grammar, but in our blog format site I can’t help but humour our friends to the south with our often jested ‘aboot’ pronunciation of ‘about’ (it’s either that or ending every post with ‘eh’, eh).

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