Canon Announces the 5D Mk III

The internet has been a buzz these past few weeks with Canon rumors galore, all circulating the new Canon 5D Mark III. Well, it’s finally here. The camera looks almost exactly like it’s older brother though a bit of a hybrid between it and the Canon 7D.

Canon 5D Mk III
So what’s the difference between it and the Mk II? Some decent upgrades but nothing too crazy. The main change is the new DIGIC 5+ full-frame sensor which improves image quality by virtually eradicating the presence of moiré, false colour and other artifacts (I’m sure we’ll be seeing an elaborate and expensive test film to showcase these, and then shortly after a slew of less elaborate and less expensive films). Here’s a handful of notable specs from Canonrumors’ post;

Native ISO 100-25600
Full HD Movie (ISO 100-12800)
14-bit DIGIC 5+ processor
36 x 24mm sensor size
Dual Card slots
Improved durability & water/dust resistance
3.2″ LCD
Still uses LP-E6 batteries (yaaaaa!)
File Formats – AVI, RAW, H.264, MOV, MPEG-4
HDR Mode with Presets
Up to 6fps continuous shooting (that’s right, it still takes photos).

Canon 5D Mk III back (looks a lot like the 7D back)
Canon 5D Mk III top
The 5D is already available to pre-order at a variety of suppliers. B&H has the Body only for $3499 or the kit (with 24-70mm) $4299 and the Mk II kit will see a $1200 drop.
So what do you think? Time to update your 3 year old camera body or are you going to pick up the heavily discounted Mark II?

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7 Responses to Canon Announces the 5D Mk III

  1. Some people say the 5DMIII has $7,000 features (like the AF system) for half the price. Some say that it is just a 5D Mark II with a Firmware update. I believe that there are significant improvements like processing speed, noise reduction and durability as well as highly requested video features. Cameras are just tools. It all depends on your needs. My full 5D MIII review is here:

  2. Lora says:

    Your review says that in recording a long interview, the 5D Mark III can be set to roll automatically from 1 card to the other. Please confirm. Have been told that the automatic transition between cards works only for stills, not video. Thanks.

    • Luke says:

      Hey Lora,

      I’m guessing you’re referring to Eduardo’s linked review? I’ll pose the question to him as we haven’t had hands-on with the Mk III here at Cinevate yet.

  3. vijayan annadurai says:

    I am using 5d mark II and shoot docus and shortfilms, 5d mark II not yet arrived here in india-chennai.

  4. D Glenn says:

    If there is any improvements in the Mark III or not, I’m not rushing out and dumping my 5D Mark II anytime soon. I do allot of mixed media with animation and live action and this camera works out very well for that task. I’m not saying that the Mark III can’t do the same thing, but until it breaks or something much better comes out, I’m sticking to what works for now!

  5. Chris McNabb says:

    Can anyone confirm that the 5D Mark III has improved audio quality / capture abilities?