Canon 6D Beta Footage

Canon’s EOS 6D is here. In case you forgot, the Canon 6D is their latest full-frame sensor DSLR. Coming in at $2,100 USD (body only) it’s priced above the Mk II and 7D and below the Mk III. All the major retailers and rental houses seem to be getting these in stock so news of beta footage last week isn’t worth getting too excited over. However, it is the first look at footage from the camera (albeit ‘beta’ footage). Here’s a look at Xocolat, a Austrian chocolate shop;

Shot and edited by BBC freelance cameara operator and editor, Johnnie Behiri, he lists a few of the strengths and weaknesses of the camera in the video description;

Camera strengths:
-Full frame sensor
-Clean high ISO in video mode (1250 is very much usable).
-Manual audio adjusting

Camera weakness:
-Severe moire
-Soft image
-No headphone socket
-No audio through HDMI while recording (for monitoring audio on new EVF’s)
-No clean HDMI output

No real surprises here. It’s obviously a disappointment to hear that the moire is still a big issue. It seems like the original 5D Mk II at a lower price, give or take a few bucks. Can we attribute some of these negatives to the ‘beta’ status of this camera or was it basically just an early shipping version of what’s sitting on shelves right now? Now that the cameras are available we’ll be seeing a lot more footage and can make that call soon. If you have a Canon 6D video online let us know – tweet or facebook us the link and I’ll add it to this page.

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Canon EOS 6D now shipping

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One Response to Canon 6D Beta Footage

  1. Ben says:

    Looks beautiful. It really surprises me that the developers haven’t figured out that their video shooters need a headphone jack. It’s a make it or break it thing for me. I’m tired of recording audio separately just because I can’t monitor audio on my Canon 7D.