Beyond the Still Webinar: Chapter 2 – Focus

Beyond the Still: Chapter 2 – Focus


It’s almost time for the second chapter in our free webinar series for photographers learning to shoot video with their HDSLR cameras. For those of you who want to catch up you can view the first webinar here which covers how to use your existing photo gear. In Chapter 2, we will concentrate on how focus can beused as a narrative tool. You will learn about the simple tools and techniques that will aide you in acheiving critical focus. This webinar will be about 30 minutes long. Perfect for viewing on your lunch break if you’re at work!

Who should attend:

  • Beginning and Intermediate photographers interested in shooting video with their DSLR camera.
  • Photographers capturing DSLR video on a budget.
  • Photographers looking to offer video services to their existing clientele.

There will be a live chat during the webinar and we will be taking questions towards the end.

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4 Responses to Beyond the Still Webinar: Chapter 2 – Focus

  1. Sam Simmonds says:

    I would have loved to have viewed your Webinar
    today, March 2, but your page AT THE BOTTOM
    would not load so I could sign in. As a suggestion,
    I’d recommend that you put sign in requirements
    in perhaps THE MIDDLE OF THE PAGE so
    folks don’t get shut out if for whatever
    reason your sign in at the bottom of the
    page does not appear fully when using
    iPhone 4s’ or iPads.

    • Luke says:

      Hey Sam,
      Sorry you had difficulties. I’ll let the web guys know about your suggestion and see if we can sort out a way to prevent that. On a positive note, we will have the Webinar available to view early next week so you can check it out at your next convenience.

  2. Jim Turley says:

    How can I access these videos after shown live?

    • Luke says:

      Hey Jim,
      We should have the Webinar online early next week – we’ll post it on our main page here. Also, if you signed up for the webinar you should receive a notification when it’s online.