Behind the Scenes with Imaginarium

Update: April 2nd, 2012
Just caught Imaginarium’s 2nd BTS piece, ‘Creating the World of Love & Hate‘ which focuses on building the world using the footage captured and adding in a variety of VFX shots as well as the copious amount of work in sound design. Check out the newest video and the original post below;

Some months back we showed a brief clip from a short film shot locally by our pals and Cinevate regulars Imaginarium. Imaginarium has shot a bunch of videos for us including the Simplis Launch Video (featuring stopmotion CineMan), our Grip Sticks video and the ever popular Pegasus Carbon/Coffee Shop video. This time around though we’re happily promoting their own work in the form of a trailer and behind-the-scenes for their short film, ‘Love and Hate‘.

The film was shot using a Canon 7D with a variety of lenses, including the 24-70mm 2.8 and 70-200mm 2.8 L-Series lenses. You’ll notice they used a ton of film gear but of the Cinevate variety they used the Core Package as well as the Atlas 30 camera slider (currently 25% off during our Moving Sale). The BTS stuff was likewise shot using a Canon 7D on a Simplis + Cyclops and a monopod (by myself actually, though I didn’t edit it).

Piotr Skowronski, the film’s Directer (and Writer/Cinematographer), definitely falls under the auteur classification and it shows in his Director’s Notes; “As the title of the film implies, it is a clash between two opposing conditions, though one is not unlike the other. Both love and hate are passionate, stubborn and all encompassing emotions that determine a person’s direction. The slide from one extreme to the other is a massive transformation of ideals, beliefs, hopes and dreams. Set on the platform of an old train station, the characters of Love & Hate converge and struggle to untangle themselves from these two opposing conditions. Ultimately, it is about choice and the strength of ones character”.

To find more information, behind-the-scenes images and crew bios visit the Love and Hate website.

7D + Core Rig in action

3 Man Diffusion Team - It was windy, trust me!

Our Core + Atlas 30 in play

Visual Effects with Imaginarium

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4 Responses to Behind the Scenes with Imaginarium

  1. -M says:

    That looks like a great piece! Love the post work. Want to see more BTS gear footage 🙂

  2. More BTS coming soon, including a post production breakdown of the visual effects. Follow video releases on the Love & Hate facebook page

  3. Nik says:

    Wow! Great work by all involved. Great stuff coming out of TBay!

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