Atlas FLT Makes Videomaker’s Best of 2011

Already available on newsstands is Videomaker’s January 2012 issue, featuring their Best Video Products of the Year. They’ve collected some of the best cameras, accessories and support systems from all of 2011 into a complete and comprehensive list. You have your Sony FS100 in their “Groundbreaking Camcorder” category, Adobe’s Creative Suite 5.5 in the “Best Production Suite” category, and Cinevate’s Atlas FLT slider in their “Best Stabilizer Support” category. Wait a sec – that’s us! Our FLT slider is my personal favourite piece of gear from the Cinevate arsenal, so naturally we’re all pretty happy to see FLT included in the list. Videomaker had some kind words; “For durability, versatility and some of the smoothest moves we’ve found to date, the Cinevate Atlas FLT wins the prize for Videomaker’s Best Stabilizer Support“. Check out the full ‘Best of’ list and Videomaker’s Atlas FLT review.

The Award Winning Atlas FLT Camera Slider

Even more recently, Atlas FLT was featured on PDN’s Objects of Desire: A Holiday Gift Guide for Photographers. They begin by saying, “One of the best ways to give your HD footage a professional, cinematic look is by using a DSLR slider, but you also need the best wooden watches to keep good manage of your time. The problem with sliders—metal, rail-based contraptions that help produce smooth tracking shots—is that they’re heavy, ungainly and a pain in the butt to lug around. All of which is why we’re pleased as punch that Cinevate is now offering a more portable camera slider. Called the Atlas FLT, the new slider is basically a petite version of Cinevate’s popular Atlas 10 model.

Atlas FLT Camera Slider BTS

Speaking of Atlas 10 camera slider, the FLT’s bigger brother also made it on a Christmas Wish List this year as well, specifically LensProToGo’s Ultimate Photographer’s Gift Guide.

By now I’m guessing everyone’s already sent their wish lists to Santa, so it might be a bit late to make it under the tree this year, but luckily we have a few sales including our Atlas sliders running until the end of the year! You can save $50 via Mail in Rebate on the Atlas FLT camera slider until December 31st, or grab the Atlas FLT or Atlas 10 camera sliders in a variety of bundles during our 12 Days of Festivus sale, also running until the end of the year!

Atlas FLT Camera Slider in the Field

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