Ask Cinevate Episode 1 – Cyclops as a Macro

Along with the new site additions we’re introducing the first of what we hope to be a weekly series.  I’ve fielded a lot of questions in the past in an effort to solve custom rigging issues or to clarify the more complicated elements in some of the rigs.  We thought it was time to share these in a segment we’re calling “Ask Cinevate”.  Basically, you ask a question, whether Cinevate product specific or not, and we’ll do our best to answer it.

For our inaugural post we’re using a tweet that asks about using the Cyclops achromat as a Macro lens.  Here’s a still I took a using my 7D with a 18-135mm kit lens and the achromat.  I was zoomed in all the way at 135mm when I took this.

Cyclops Viewfinder Ant Macro

At this focal length (135mm), the depth-of-field is crazy shallow.   In the video you’ll see a mix of footage.  Any of the flower footage was shot using a 5D MkII with Canon’s 24-70mm at f.2.8 (everything shot at 70mm).  Any insect footage you see is from the 7D shot at 135mm.

So if you already have a Cyclops you’re basically all set.  If you need a step up or down ring they’re pretty easy to track down (we have some available on the blow-out section of the site).  If the thread size you need isn’t there you can probably find the one you need from B&H or any other major photo/video store.

That’ll aboot do it for Ask Cinevate this week.  Although we started with a Cinevate specific video we’d also love to get into some more complex and detailed rigging as we continue forward, whether it’s Cinevate product questions or more general DSLR and filmmaking questions.  Be sure to send us any questions /suggestions you’d like to see via either our @cinevateinc twitter account or the email.

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2 Responses to Ask Cinevate Episode 1 – Cyclops as a Macro

  1. Gonzalo Gayoso Medina says:


    some months ago, I search for a rail system and found one on your website, it had a quick release plate with two “height”adjustable links below it. I really love that idea but haven`t the money to buy it yet, so now I come to the website and see the newest ” simplis ” idea on the rails system. I watched a video where dennis talks about the posibilities of simplis but I didn´t get the “height” issue with “simplis”, is it adjustable? I think not.

    Now, I can still find the adjustable links in the “DSLR RIG” photo, but since I find the simplis now in the photo of the rail system, I have to ask:

    – If I buy a proteus rail system, do I get the simplis or the adjustable links?? can I choose?
    – If I buy the DSLR RIG with Uno grips, do I get the simplis sistem or the Links?

    please, would be a lot of help if you reply, I am a peruvian filmmaker and I love your products since I had the oportunity to try some of them thanks to Ray Roman.

    Cheers from Perú

    Gonzalo Gayoso
    General Producer
    Rush Media Studio

  2. Luke says:

    Hey Gonzalo,

    I’ve sent a lengthier email reply, but for anyone else’s sake;

    Despite any videos stating otherwise, we are still shipping Rails Systems and DSLR Rigs with the height adjustable Proteus Quick Release. The images were changed over to show Simplis, but this will be changed shortly. If you want the Simplis on these rigs it can be built starting at the ‘Build Your Own’ Simplis page.

    Hope that helps