Ask Cinevate Episode 6 – What is a Dromos Hi Hat?

You might recall a little series we started last year called Ask Cinevate that, despite being a ton of fun to shoot and edit, has been largely neglected for much of this year. Chris (our product development lead) and I were determined to sneak away from our desks get back in the field and thus Ask Cinevate returns.

For the return of Ask we’re answering questions that we’ve received since launching the Dromos Hi Hat. A hi hat is a fancy way to capture low angle shots (the budget alternative of course is balancing the camera on a sand bag – but good luck panning or leveling). Check out all of the Dromos configurations in the video along with some Car Rig, Motion Control and FS100 Lens Adapter Rig fun.

The Dromos Hi Hat is two key pieces of gear in one compact unit. As a hi hat, Dromos allows for capturing low angle shots while still having the ability to level your camera and have fluid pan and tilt. A hi hat is standard gear for professional grip trucks in the film industry and quickly proves to be essential kit no matter the level of your production.

Dromos Hi Hat with Hi Hat Board

Chris captures a low angle whip-pan style shot via Dromos Hi Hat on the Hi Hat Board

The unique look and design of the Dromos also serves other purposes. The Dromos is ‘cheesed out’ left, right and center. The 3 flat surfaces have various 1/4-20″ threaded and through-holes as well as 3/8″ through-holes for countless mounting options. You can attach accessories like a monitor or an external recorder. As mentioned in the video (as well as in Vincent Laforet’s blog post; ‘A Great New Hi-Hat‘) Dromos on the Hi Hat Board also functions as a great stage to build or setup your camera rig.

The folks at Imaginarium Video build up their RED Scarlet on our Dromos Hi Hat

The folks at Imaginarium Video build up their RED Scarlet on our Dromos Hi Hat

Naturally, it lines up perfectly with our sliders but also plays nice with not only other sliders but also other cheese plate hole spacing in case you want to get really clever with mounting. We went through the center 3/8″ through-hole to a pipe clamp supported by a pair of C-Stands to under-sling the FS100 Lens Adapter Rig with a nikon mount Zeiss.

Dromos Hi Hat mounted upside with FS100 Lens Adapter Rig

Inverted Dromos Hi Hat for a roof scraper shot with the FS100 Lens Adapter Rig

What really separates Dromos from other hi hats is it’s bowl riser functionality. Since our Atlas 10 and FLT sliders have a flat base it makes for mounting a fixed half-ball tripod head difficult (plus leveling is near impossible). Dromos remedies that issue and more. Since our sliders can be mounted for vertical or diagonal shots it’s necessary for you to orient the camera accordingly. Dromos’ 100mm bowl indexes at 45 and 90 degrees to pull off such shots.

This indexing 100mm bowl feature isn’t limited to slider usage. We mounted the Dromos via a few suction cups, grip arms and ratchet straps for good measure for a car rig (with a Sony FS100 + Zeiss 28mm CP.2 to boot!) With all of the mounting options Dromos can be mounted to pipe, wood, walls, ceilings, trussing – you name it. I’m curious to see what sort of BTS pics pop up online as Dromos makes its way into more gear kits.

Chris sets up the Dromos for our car rig

Chris utilizes the indexing 100mm bowl function of the Dromos Hi Hat to setup a slick car rig

Hopefully you found the video helpful and learned a bit about not only Dromos but hi hats in general. If you’re looking to add Dromos to your kit September is a good time to do it. When you purchase a Dromos Hi Hat you’ll receive a FREE Dromos Hi Hat Board but just until September 30th, 2012 on and via participating Dealers.

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