Ask Cinevate Episode 4 – Atlas 10 and FLT

After a thrilling third episode featuring high profile shooter Patrick Moreau and his $60K+ camera we’re back to regular speed – just me and a couple sliders. Since our 2nd episode (Atlas 10 Mounting Options) we’ve received a slew of Atlas 10 and FLT questions pertaining to other features, namely, mounting options on top of the sliders, the difference in leg options, and the differences between Atlas 10 and the Atlas FLT.  The answers to those questions and more in Episode 4 of Ask;

*Please note that, as of November 27th, 2012, the 26 inch length of Atlas 10 is no longer available. Also note that the All Terrain Legs have been redesigned based on customer feedback to create a stronger and easier-to-adjust style leg (seen below).

All Terrain Legs shown on Atlas FLT

The first point gives a breakdown of Atlas 10 compared to the Atlas FLT. They breakdown as follows;

Atlas 10 and Atlas FLT

Atlas 10 & FLT comparison

Leg options is another frequent question. The standard or regular ball feet are discussed as well as the All Terrain option. I’ve also included a quick tip for getting the regular legs out of the way for All Terrain users. I’ve stored them on the back of the end block for safe keeping (shown below).

Atlas 10/FLT End Block

Threading the Regular Legs into the Rails Block keeps them safe and out of the way

Finally, we have all our mounting options on the slider carriage. The Atlas 10 and FLT both ship standard with a 3/8″ thread. This allows for mounting fluid or ball heads giving you more control during your shots. In the video we talk about putting a Manfrotto 503 head on the slider as well as putting a Ball leveler beneath it, enabling not only pan and tilt but also the ability to independently level the head.

We then cover a new addition to our catalog, Manfrotto 325N Video Head Bowl Adapter. Some video heads (including the newer Manfrotto 504) have half-balls that are not removable. This poses a problem for slider users who want to use these heads on the slider carriage. This adapter solves that, accommodating 100mm heads or 75mm heads using the 75mm-to-100mm adapter piece that’s included standard with this product.

Manfrotto 325N Video Head Bowl Adapter

The Manfrotto 325N Video Head Bowl Adapter is now available in our catalog as a mounting option

Lastly, we talk about my favourite mounting option; the Manfrotto RC-2 ball head. This small head articulates like crazy, allowing for quick re-orienting for horizontal, vertical, and even diagonal slider shots. The trade-off is that you lose pan and tilt capabilities (and you’re left with a lighter weight capacity on the head).

So that’s our Atlas 10 and FLT packed episode. Hopefully that answers any questions you have about our latest slider. If you think of anything else or have other product questions go ahead and email Ask @, send a tweet @cinevateinc or simply leave a question in the comments below.

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10 Responses to Ask Cinevate Episode 4 – Atlas 10 and FLT

  1. Dennis Wood says:

    Chris and Luke, great job shooting this! You guys had me laughing out loud a few times during the clip. A big thanks to Adobe for helping us out with Adobe Production Suite 5.5 and Luke for taking the plunge to learn the CS5.5 flow (as a staunch FCP user).


  2. Chris says:

    I’m finding that my atlas 10 gets a bit wobbly on my manfrotto 501 tripod when I have the camera at either end of the slider. Do you ever encounter this? I’ve heard mounting the slider directly to a tripod that doesn’t have a head on it helps. I also think it may be that i’ve used the smaller screw with the 501 accessory plate to mount to the bottom of the slider rather than the larger screw thats provided.

  3. Luke says:

    Hey Chris,
    Using the larger screw on the tripod plate can help add a bit of stability, but it’s not a huge difference (I try to always use the larger screw if I can help it).

    As for the wobble, I have encountered it. We rate the Atlas 10s at their weight capacities when they’re on the ground using either the standard or All Terrain legs. They should be able to hold the same amount on a tripod, but it will depend on how much weight your tripod head can sustain. The 501 is definitely capable, but putting a slider and a camera (and possibly other accessories) will push the limits of that head. I’m glad to hear mounting directly to the sticks works well for you though! I often use this method as well.

    Hopefully that helps, just let me know if you have any more questions.

  4. I just received my Cinevate Atlas 10 with All Terrain legs, and they seem to be different than the other configurations I see on your site. Have you changed it recently? If so it seems to be more cumbersome to use because I need to completely remove screw to change leg position.

    • Luke says:

      Hey Brad,

      We’ve yet to update the catalog as the product JUST changed so my apologies for the confusion there. The change came based on user feedback as the old design, though convenient, was prone to faults like stripping and breaking/bending under too much pressure. In some cases (and to be safe, I wouldn’t recommend this, lol) we stood on some sliders with the new legs and they were able to support our weight. We do appreciate feedback though so please keep us posted on your experience.

  5. Rob Braden says:

    I’ve really been enjoying my Atlas 10 with all terrain legs. Now am starting to shoot timelapse, on the slider by manually moving the camera an 1/8th of an inch after every click on my 5D MKII. This is too tedious!! Do you have any suggestions for motorized attachments? I am not sure if any of the Kessler rigs would be compatible so would be more comfortable with a Cinevate approved motorized setup for shooting timelapse on the Atlas 10 and DSLR.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Luke says:

      Hey Rob

      I can’t say too much officially just yet but you’ll see something from us VERY soon. Keep an eye on our website, social media (facebook, twitter) or sign up for the newsletter so you don’t miss any announcements 😉

      • Rob Braden says:

        Thanks Luke. Great. Already getting the newsletter so will look forward to something official VERY soon!

  6. Joel says:

    Is the Atlas 10 FLT found in Amazon the same as the Atlas FLT… The item number on Amazon is CILTAT1003.

    • Luke says:

      Hey Joel,

      CILTAT1003 is indeed the Atlas FLT (26″ long slider). They shouldn’t technically have the ’10’ in the title since the Atlas 10 is a different, larger slider. I’ll contact them and let them know (thanks for bringing to our attention!)