Ask Cinevate Episode 3 – Patrick Moreau and the RED Epic

As much fun as I’ve had making the first 2 episodes of Ask, it’s been our intention to let someone else take the reigns every now and then and to have qualified guests appear on the program. Well, it didn’t take long for such a scenario to happen and who better than our old friend Patrick Moreau of Stillmotion!

A couple Stillmotion peeps (Patrick and Joyce) flew in for the day with their brand new (and super sexy) RED Epic. The Cinevate crew (myself included) had a load of fun rigging the Epic with some of our gear, namely Simplis, Titan Mattebox and the Atlas 200. Aside from playing around with the Epic we thought it’d be fun to reunite Patrick and Dennis on camera for a quick break down on the Epic and workflow, as well as an update on the Stillmotion life. So without further ado…

And of course, 4K and 120 fps footage from the Epic.

Stillmotion details the Shedd Aquarium shoot on their latest blog entry with even more BTS at stillmotionedu. You can also find some more BTS and information on the Game of Honor documentary about the Military Academy and Naval Academy football game to be shown on Showtime and CBS as well. Pretty cool stuff.

Updated with some of their BTS pics (even their BTS pictures are gorgeous!)

Stillmotion RED Epic on Atlas 200

RED Epic on Atlas 200 films epic jellyfish

More RED Epic awesomeness

Patrick mans the Epic on Atlas 200

But wait, there’s more! If you like what you see and you’re in the Chicago or Boston area then you should check out the Event Cinema Workshops. An unprecedented experience offered by Kevin Shahinian, Joe Simon & Patrick Moreau. An exclusive, 2-day, hands-on filmmaking intensive. Prepare to discover the intracacies of HD-DSLR cinema production and survive a gauntlet of real-world shooting conditions with three of the best in the industry. To register or find more information check out the site here!

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