Ask Cinevate Episode 2 – Mounting your Atlas 10

Aaand we’re back. For this edition of Ask Cinevate we’re fielding a question about rigging up an Atlas 10 slider using light stands rather than using a tripod. In the video we cover this configuration as well as a few extra ones.

*Update November 2nd, 2012

We now offer a more Atlas 10 and Atlas FLT specific Spud Adapter (seen below) that will allow you to mount these sliders to light stands or C-Stands without the risk of twisting or even breaking as inherent in the manfrotto Spud Adapters used in the video.
Cinevate Atlas FLT on new Spud Adapters

As you may know, the Altas 10 is our first slider to centre mount using a single tripod (as opposed to other sliders that require a stand for each end).  Despite the convenience of mounting on a single tripod you might find yourself in a situation where you don’t have a tripod or you just can’t rig your Atlas on one.  The centre mount is great but if you really load up the slider with a heavy camera and heavy rig you may notice a slight ‘teeter-totter’ effect (this of course will vary depending on the load capacity of your tripod head/legs as well).  In the case of using light stands, carrying around a pair of light stands and your slider is a bit lighter than carrying a big set of sticks.  It’s definitely a case-by-case scenario and some people will find it a lot easier one way than the other.

We ventured away from the comfort of the studio to try some of these setups in the field.  Lucky for us there was a gentlemen practicing his RC car skills at a nearby racetrack and was kind enough to let us document it.  You’ll find a variety of regular shots as well as a few sliding shots using the Atlas 10 FLT  on light stands and C-stands.  We also threw in a couple of under-slung setups for kicks as well.

Hopefully that gives everyone some fun ideas for rigging up their slider. If you have any questions about this video or a question you’d like answered in Ask Cinevate, email, tweet, or simply comment below.

RC Car go!

Special thanks to Ruben and his RC Cars 😉

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12 Responses to Ask Cinevate Episode 2 – Mounting your Atlas 10

  1. Clint Regehr says:

    I have an Atlas 30. I am assuming I could do the same with it?

    Also, I thought I saw a pulley and motor system recently from one of the trade shows, that can be used with a slider (hopefully for an Atlas 30). Is that a third party product? I couldn’t find anything on your website, so any information would be great.

    Clint Regehr

    • Luke says:

      Hey Clint,

      You bet! The nice thing about the Atlas 30 is that the 5/8 spud hole is built right into the end blocks, so no extras bits are necessary. As for the pulley and motor system you’re referring to that is one of our creations. Although there isn’t an official name for it yet, we’re referring to it as our Motion Control system. We’re still doing product testing on it but going to be providing more and more pictures and video of it as it progresses. Keep your eyes on the site and our media feeds (blog, facebook, twitter, and newsletter) for more info. Hope that helps!

  2. Jeremy says:

    Where’s the RC car mount?

    • Luke says:

      HAHA, believe me, I was kicking myself for not bringing my GoPro into work that day! We’re still in contact with Ruben, the RC driver, so maybe we’ll see some more RC stuff down the road :p

  3. Scott says:

    Hey Luke,

    Quick question, where would one buy those extra parts that would allow the Atlas 10 to be mounted on light stands?


    • Luke says:

      Hey Scott,

      Well, that all depends on where you’re at :p
      But through the marvel of technology I’ll wager you’re in Toronto, so if that’s the case I know Vistek carries them. It’s a Manfrotto Rapid Adapter. They carry a few different types depending on which thread size you want. Or, B&H of course carries them as well for a bit cheaper if you’re in the States. I had both the Manfrotto 014-14 Rapid Adapter (1/4-20 thread) and the Manfrotto 014-38 (3/8″ thread).
      That should do it, just let me know if you have any issues finding them.

  4. Ricardo says:


    Probably coming in a bit late into the conversation, but any news on the motor and whether it will be compatible with the atlas 10?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

    • Cinevate says:

      Hi Ricardo,
      We can’t give you a firm release date just yet (soon) but I can tell you that the new motion control unit will definitely be compatible with the Atlas 10.
      Thanks for your question 🙂

  5. Steve Husmann says:

    We recently ordered an Atlas 10, and with the recommendation of this video, we purchased two Manfrotto 014-14 Rapid Adapters (1/4-20 thread).

    We haven’t had any issues with the slider itself, but before we ever got the slider on the light stands, the bolt on one of the rapid adapters snapped in half, making it impossible to use the slider with anything but the provided legs (we didn’t have an extra tripod with us).

    Have you had any other feedback from Atlas 10 users of the rapid adapters breaking? We may try buying the 3/8 thread rapid adapter to see if it is any sturdier, but we’re still concerned that the same thing would happen again in the field.

    I know that this manfrotto product is not your own, but we thought you would like to have feedback that one of the configurations suggested in your video may not be a great option.


  6. Josh White says:

    Hey Cinevate!

    Just picked up my Atlas 35″ and love it, only just realized you guys were 100% Canadian which sold me on your product. Anyway, I was wondering if the Cinevate spud adapters were available through Vistek or Henry’s?


    • Luke says:

      Hey Josh,

      You can get almost any Cinevate product through both those dealers, although sometimes by special request. Unfortunately we don’t have access to each dealer’s stock levels so you’d have to inquiry with them. The Spud Adapter’s SKU is ‘AT10SPUD’. Hope that helps!