5 Ways the Duzi Slider Got Even Better

Here’s what’s better about the new Duzi Slider

  • Upgraded lock secures the camera anywhere on the rails
  • Now available in two lengths: 24 and 32 inches
  • Compatible with Modo – motion timelapse system
  • Load capacity of 120 lbs
  • Integrated bubble level

Cinevate Duzi Slider

You demand better. So that’s what we did. We did better. Introducing the new Duzi Slider.

We made the lock work anywhere on the rails. We made it tool-less, and we made it strong enough to lock down even the biggest rigs.

You wanted longer but still compact. You got it. Duzi now comes in two lengths. 24 and 32 inches.

Cinevate Duzi Slider

You want a motion timelapse shot with no belts, no batteries, no cords, no hassle. No problem.

Our solid carbon rails are still…you guessed it SOLID. That means they’re lightweight and strong. Guess what else is still solid, everything else on the Duzi Slider – anodized machined aluminum everywhere.

Strong and reliable. That’s what Duzi is. Duzi is your best friend. Maybe just on set…maybe not. But that’s not our business. Our business is listening to our customers. Our business is working with filmmakers to empower them with the tools they demand to tell the best story ever.

It’s still affordable, it’s still compact and ridiculously strong. It’s still a Duzi.

For pricing and availability, visit the Duzi Slider page.

Cinevate Duzi Slider

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